BBK Technologies is an R&D and technology provider company founded by the trio of Technion image and video processing and computer vision experts Prof. Ron Kimmel and Drs. Alex and Michael Bronstein. The company develops and licenses advanced technology in the fields of large-scale image and video indexing and retrieval, 3D shape retrieval and recognition, and three-dimensional acquisition.

Alex and Michael Bronstein hold Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the Technion. Their research interests lie in the intersection of computer vision, image processing, computer graphics, computational geometry, and machine learning, focusing on applications in Internet-scale image and video understanding, and three-dimensional data analysis. They have co-authored over 60 publications in leading international journals and conferences, over 20 patents and patent applications, and the book "Numerical geometry of non-rigid shapes" published by Springer in 2008. Their research was recognized by several awards including the Kasher prize, Thomas Schwartz award, Hershel Rich Technion Innovation award, and the Gensler prize, and was featured in CNN news. Alex and Michael are alumni of the Technion Excellence Program and the US Academy of Achievement, and recipients of the Adams fellowship. They held visiting professorship appointments at Politecnico di Milano in 2008, and at Stanford University in 2009. They served as scientists and vice presidents in the Silicon Valley-based startup Novafora Inc., leading a team of researchers and engineers developing novel Internet-scale computer vision technologies. They also participated in several startup companies developing advanced three-dimensional imaging solutions.

Ron Kimmel is a Professor of Computer Science at the Technion, where he has always been (both his parents are Technion graduates), that is besides spending a post-doctoral position at UC Berkeley and a visiting professorship at Stanford University. He has worked in various areas of image and shape analysis in computer vision, image processing, and computer graphics. Kimmel's interest in recent years has been non-rigid shape processing and analysis, medical imaging and computational biometry, numerical optimization of problems with a geometric flavor, and applications of metric geometry and differential geometry. Prof. Kimmel is an IEEE Fellow for his contributions to image processing and non-rigid shape analysis. He is an author of two books, an editor of one, and an author of numerous articles. He is the founder and the head of the Geometric Image Processing Lab at the Technion, and a founder and advisor of several successful image processing and analysis companies.